Crime drama | Jefferson Moneo | 2014, Canada | 104 Minutes | English

FESTIVALS: Toronto International Film Festival 2014

DISTRIBUTORS: Union Pictures (Canada), Monterey Media (USA)

Martha Barlow (Nadia Litz) is a sultry, smart, and fearless outlaw who lives off the grid in rural Saskatchewan with her son Andy (Justin Kelly), making ends meet by performing robberies with her lover Tommy Valente (Rossif Sutherland). Like his mother, Andy has an affinity for horse racing, and spends most evenings at the racetrack scoping out the next best bet. But when conflict strikes, and Andy commits a terrible crime, mother and son are forced to flee. With nowhere to go, and their lives in danger, Martha and Andy seek refuge with Martha's estranged father (Stephen McHattie in a commanding performance) in the town of Big Muddy. To make matters worse, a convicted murderer is on the loose, and after eighteen years in jail he has only one thing on his mind — reuniting with Martha. Forced to confront the past that she desperately wanted to escape, Martha must come to terms with her violent history, reconcile with her father, and risk everything in order to secure her son's future.