Psychological thriller | Christoph Behl | 2013, Argentina | 95 Minutes | Spanish​​

FESTIVALS:  SXSW, Sitges, Stockholm IFF,  Jerusalem IFF, complete festival list.

DISTRIBUTORS: Sundance Channel Global (Latin America, Spain), HBO (Eastern Europe), SBS (Australia), Rialto Channel (New Zealand), FilmFreak (Benelux), Peccadillo Pictures (UK). 

"The Desert is a claustrophobic and paranoid, yet very sensuous film.  With excellent cinematography, art direction, makeup and sound design, the director creates a dark, detailed and dirty world that seems entirely real yet is clearly a m​etaphor.  The actors’ naturalistic performances make daily life in the bunker believable and Victoria Almeida fills the confined space with her effortless sex appeal." -- The Curator